Due to a limited "translation" budget, you would like to avoid dealing with intermediaries?

Hire the services of a fully qualified freelance translator who has been translating full-time since 1999.

My key strengths: Quality, availability, precision, adherence to deadlines, competitive rates.
The languages I work with: English, Spanish and French.
The services I provide: Translation, proofreading and editing.

Need a quote or more information?  stephane.gariazzo@wanadoo.fr
I will reply as quickly as possible.


My commitments to you
I commit to sending you a free quote within 24 hours of receiving all necessary documents and information.

Skills and expertise
I have been working as a freelance translator since 1999 and have already translated millions of words in different fields, for both translation agencies and direct clients. Some of my current clients have trusted me since the beginning.

I commit to respecting the confidential nature of your documents and I am willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement if necessary.

I specialise in the following areas:

    * IT (online help, software localisation, marketing, sales documentation, etc.). I translate almost daily for one of the world’s leading IT companies.
    * Telecommunications (technical documentation, marketing, press releases, Web content, etc.)
    * Economics and finance
    * Tourism
    * Sports

I can work in other fields, depending on the documents to be translated. Feel free to e-mail me your files.

Translation rates vary according to different factors such as the complexity of the documents, the deadline required, the format of the documents, and even the volume.
Feel free to send me the files you need translated and I will gladly send you a quote as quickly as possible.

For further information, please e-mail me at the following address


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